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In China the culture is very different to America. Simply translating a document word for word will not get you the investors you desire. Our talented team offers a range of services that will ensure finding investors to help the success of your project.


  1. Complete project management:

    Your Regional Center does not need to have its own staff  or office on the ground.  Pearl Bay will establish a dedicated phone number and address for your company as well assign a full-time staff to manage your project.  This allows your company to focus on the American side of business. Pearl Bay can manage your project to raise your capital on time and on budget


  1. EB-5 Bridge Loans and Financial Consulting:

    Pearl Bay can assist in obtaining bridge loans for qualified EB-5 projects as well as provide professional advice for the best financial structure for you project.


  1. Expert analysis of EB-5 Offering Documents:

    Get sound, experienced advice before entering the China market.  We can analyze your offering documents, economic reports, and finder fees agreement, agreements to fit and be competitive in the China market


  1. China Tours for EB-5:

    Pearl Bay has relationships with more than 400 Chinese migration companies who have produced more than 1000 EB-5 investors for Pearl Bay projects


  1. Marketing materials that fit the China market:

    brochures, websites, and videos:  Chinese style marketing materials are different from American marketing materials so be certain that your materials are culturally relevant and exciting to the China market


  1. Digital Marketing:

    Pearl Bay also has a digital marketing team that can connect your project with the largest internet-user population in the world.  The team also can produce professionally designed websites that are stable, and visible in China (not all American websites can be seen in China) as well as use social media to reach potential Chinese partners


  1. Professional Translation and Interpreters:

    Complex EB-5 documents must be translated by people who are experts in EB-5 .  Not all translations are equal! Pearl Bay also has Interpreters who understand EB-5 and can interpret during high-power business meetings with Chinese immigration companies.  Our team can also guide your delegation around China, making your trip easier and more enjoyable


  1. Escrow Services:

    Many Chinese investors prefer to hold their investment in Hong Kong.  Pearl Bay has relationships with international banks and financial firms in Hong Kong that can offer a suitable solution to your escrow need


  1. Hong Kong Company Formation:

    Learn about the advantages of forming an Hong Kong company to facilitate your business’s entry into Asia




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