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With over 600 million people connected to the internet in China, Pearl Bay Consulting Ltd. can facilitate American companies to increase their online exposure in China. The elite e-commerce team specializes in creating a strong online presence for our clients, allowing you to tap the biggest online market in the world. Some of the services we offer include:

Digital Strategy

Without a solid digital strategy, all digital marketing activities will have little or no effect.

Website Design

Creating a multiple language supported websites to help investors achieve their online goals fast and efficiently. All websites are search engine friendly, mobile friendly and designed to engage, inform and convert web visitors into investors.

Web Analytics

Analytical data is the cornerstone of digital marketing. Without a comprehensive understanding of your web analytic data you have no idea of what works and what does not, you are actually flying in the dark.

Content Creation

Content creation is very important to the success of your website, this is how search engines ranks your webpage and what potential investors will read. Our team members are specialist for the Chinese market, where most of the potential investors are.

User Experience

Make your website easy to use and navigate by ensuring it has a beautiful design with simple navigation and clear calls to action.

Advertising plan

Pearl Bay will create a plan to help you increase revenue and online traffic to your website. We offer advertising plans with multiple channels including SEM, Display Ad, EDM, Social Marketing and  more.







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